Radiant Health From Plants, Earth & Sea

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Lumino Wellness is dedicated

to robust health, well being, as well as a vibrant appearance for people and their pets.

One of the first steps

is replacing toxic chemicals with effective organic, naturally occurring, and wildcrafted ingredients.

Interested but not sure?

We have free samples, information, and take the time to listen if you call, or reply to your email.

The images to the left are of a few of the ingredients we use to create Lumino products.

Organic Lavender

Organic Coconut

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Organic Ylang Ylang FLowers

Dead Sea Salt

Organic Jojoba Bean

  • Field of Lavender
  • Fractured Coconut Ready to Eat
  • Some DE Close Up
  • ylang ylang (pronounced 'lang-lang')
  • Live dead sea salt
  • ho-ho ba oil still in the pod.